Take years off your appearance gracefully, effectively, naturally

Are you unhappy with how your face is aging? You can take years off your appearance with a simple series of facial exercises that strengthen the muscles of your face. 

Most anti-aging approaches focus on the skin, but it’s the muscles beneath that make the face sag and droop. 

At Uplifted, we teach you a powerful series of facial exercises in four sessions. Once you’ve mastered the exercises, you can do your facial workouts on your own, whenever and wherever you want.

Facial fitness is non-invasive, natural and perfect for men and women of any age. It's never too late to start.



 You exercise your body to feel fitter and younger— why not your face?  When your facial muscles are out of shape, the overlaying skin slackens. That's when you see the telltale signs of aging: flattened cheeks, nose-to-mouth creases, jowls and drooping eyes.  By strengthening the underlying muscles, you can forestall and even reverse these signs of aging.

Facial exercises also increase the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the skin — making your skin smoother and more glowing.



After six weeks of regular practice, most people notice that their face looks more relaxed, lifted and smoother. Some see results even sooner.

Here’s what will happen:
·    Your upper cheeks will become lifted and plumper
·      Folds on your upper and lower eyelids will decrease
·      The corners of your mouth will firm up and upper lip lines will lessen

·      Your neck and jaw line will become more taut.

·      Your jowls will diminish and eventually disappear



The Uplifted program consists of four 1.5 hour lessons.

We recommend that you wait at least two weeks between lessons to allow the facial muscles to strengthen sufficiently. You will receive exercises to do at home between lessons.

Once you learn the technique, the exercises typically take about 15 minutes per home session, four times a week. We recommend you return for a follow-up lesson every three months to ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly and are seeing results.