hello relaxed, toned,
vibrant face.
goodbye bags,
double-chins and jowls.








The Program

Simple, yet powerful exercises

The Uplifted Facial Fitness program consists of four 1.5 hour lessons. These are one-to-one sessions with your instructor where you learn everything you need to do the exercises on your own. We provide you with illustrated worksheets, explaining the exercises step by step, to use at home.

The exercises require minimum time commitment: they typically take about 15 minutes per home session, four times a week. That's just one hour per week.


the eva fraser method

The gorgeous, genius octogenarian behind it all

Uplifted Facial Fitness uses the techniques developed by Eva Fraser, a world-renowned facial fitness expert who teaches her program in London.  Eva based her method on the teachings of Madame Hoffman, a German ballet dancer she met in Europe decades ago who agreed to pass on her technique to Eva alone. Eva refined her method and for the past 17 years has spread facial fitness through trainings, books, videos and DVDs. Her Facial Workout book has been translated into eight languages.

Uplifted Facial Fitness is one of only two Eva Fraser-certified facial fitness studios in the United States, so demand for our services is high. 

Eva at the age of 82.

Eva at the age of 82.



age with grace

You will soon find that the exercises become a natural part of your self-care regimen: you will be able to do them while watching t.v., waiting at the bus stop or checking your social media feed. Facial Fitness will become as integral to your self care regimen as eating healthfully and exercising your body.

The practice feels like a gift, and you will find that when you look in the mirror, that gift will look back at you.

Age with grace and look like yourself, not someone else’s idea of who you are.