goodbye botox, fillers
and facelifts.
hello facial fitness.





what is facial fitness

a natural facelift at any age

Are you unhappy with how your face is aging?

Do you spend too much time checking out plastic surgery before and after photos?

Are you fixated on your turkey neck?

There is a solution and it's natural, safe, non-invasive and won't break the bank. You can halt the aging process and still look like you. Uplifted Facial Fitness is a little like Pilates for your face: through a series of exercises that isolate and target different facial muscles, you strengthen and tone those muscles. Your fingers are sometimes used to guide the exercises. Other times they provide resistance.

After several months of practicing Uplifted Facial Fitness:

·      Your face will look more youthful, relaxed, and glowing

·      Your eyes will look brighter and more open

·     Your jowls will disappear and your jawline will be more taut

·     Your wrinkles will be smoothed out and deep creases diminished

·      Your family and friends will be confounded as to why you look so darn good

·      Your self confidence will be boosted and your overall outlook on aging redefined

Say 'no' to botox, fillers and other invasive, toxic and expensive approaches. Uplifted Facial Fitness is perfect for men and women of any age.
It's never too late to start.


why it works

the magic of facial fitness

When your facial muscles are out of shape, the overlaying skin slackens and you begin to see the signs of aging: flattened cheeks, nose-to-mouth creases, jowls and drooping eyes.  Uplifted Facial Fitness is an exercise program that teaches you how to strengthen the underlying muscles, so you can forestall and even reverse these changes. And because these muscles are small, a little bit of exercise goes a long way.

Facial exercises also increase the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the skin — making your skin smoother and more glowing.



When you Uplift your face you lift up your spirits

After six weeks of regular practice, you will likely observe that your face looks more relaxed, lifted and smoother. You will also begin to notice how much stress you carry in your face and how the exercises relieve that. Friends and family may comment on how well you look. 

What happens emotionally is a lot harder to explain. But many people who do the exercises regularly say they feel a sense of emotional release – like you might feel after a full-body workout – and a greater sense of well-being afterward. That’s why we’re called Uplifted.

It's one hour a week of me-time, investing in yourself, your spirit and that lovely face of yours.